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General Information

What is the length of the M4-M6 Kilcock-Kinnegad Motorway?

It is 37 km long and it links the existing M4-M6 Motorway at Kilcock to the N4 and N6 national primary routes at Kinnegad.

What is the speed limit on the M4-M6 Kilcock-Kinnegad Motorway?

The speed limit on the M4-M6 Motorway is 120km per hour. Please bear in mind that on approach to the toll plaza you should follow the speed limits of 80km/hour and 50km/hour respectively.

What are the entrances to the M4-M6 Kilcock-Kinnegad Motorway?

There are interchanges at Kilcock, Enfield and Kinnegad for motorists to enter and exit the motorway. Please click here to see a map of the route.

Will there be help close by if I break down on the M4-M6 Kilcock-Kinnegad Motorway?

Safety is our top priority! For your safety and security our vehicles constantly patrol the motorway. Eurolink is aware of how dangerous stopping on the hard shoulder of a motorway could be. This is the reason why we have made sure that the distance between the emergency phones is only 1500m. The emergency phones can be used 24h a day, 365 days a year to contact the Emergency Control Centre. Also, for your information, they hold numbers of local subcontracted recovery companies.

What can I do if I have an accident/emergency on the M4-M6 Motorway?

You can use our emergency phones, or else you can contact Eurolink Motorway Operation on 046 95 40266 where one of our representatives will assist you. Alternatively, you can dial 112 or 999 for Emergency Services.

Who is responsible for maintenance on the M4 Motorway?

Eurolink has a full team on board to regularly check and maintain the state of the carriageway, verges, drains, signs and structures.

How many lanes are there on the M4-M6 Toll Plazas?

There are 18 lanes, 9 in each direction. The high number of tolling lanes prevents the formation of queues on the M4-M6 motorway.
Furthermore, both plazas have been equipped with a dedicated electronic tolling express lane (in each direction) that allows all light vehicles (class 2 and 4 vehicles) with a tag to drive through without stopping, just remember to keep at 50 km/h and enjoy an easy and quick transit.

How do I report issues I see along the Motorway, for example, injured animals, debris on the road or any other maintenance issues?

You can phone us on 0469540266 to report any issue of this kind. Alternatively, please send us an email to csm4@eurolink-m4.ie.

Where do I make a complaint, compliment or a comment regarding Eurolink Motorway Operation Ltd?

If you would like to contact Eurolink Motorway operation, you can phone one of our Customer Service Representatives on 046 9540266. You can also reach us on csm4@eurolink-m4.ie.