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Tolling Information

What are the toll rates for the M4-M6 Motorway?

Toll Rates vary depending on the vehicle class. Please click here to see the current toll rates applicable to the M4-M6 Motorway for the different vehicle classes.

What forms of payment are accepted in the M4-M6 Motorway?

The tolls at the M4-M6 can be paid by:
  • Electronic Tolling (TAG) - see below for further information about Electronic Tolling / TAG
  • Debit / Credit cards
  • Cash
  • Prepayment Cards
For more information on any of these methods of payment please click here.

What is Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)?

Electronic Tolling allows motorists to go through our toll plazas without the need to stop to complete the payment. Transactions for vehicles equipped with a valid TAG are automatically processed by the tolling system.

Where can I get a Tag?

There are a number of companies in Ireland providing electronic tags to motorists. Please click here to see a list of electronic tag providers from which you can choose a service offering that suits you.

Can I get a receipt for my payment in every lane?

Yes. You don't need to go through a manual lane to get a receipt, you can get a receipt in the automatic/basket lanes by pressing the receipt button. Please bear in mind that this does not apply to the dedicated electronic tolling express lanes.

How can I get assistance if I have a problem in one of the Automatic Lanes?

You can press the assistance button located on the machine and you will be transferred to our 24 hour toll supervisors' office. The toll supervisor can then remotely deal with any difficulties.

How much is the Toll for disabled drivers?

As per the Toll Bye-Laws in the M4-M6 motorway a "specially adapted vehicle driven by a disabled person" will be exempted from paying the toll. Please contact our Customer Service on 0469540266 if you have any further queries in relation to this.

If I pay my toll and then I decide to stop over at Enfield, do I have to pay again when I rejoin the motorway to continue with my trip?

No, as long as you continue your trip on the same direction and within a limit of three hours. Please note that in order to avail of this service you must request a re-entry ticket from a cashier in a manned lane at the first toll plaza where the initial toll charge is paid.